Variables and Constants


Definition of Variables

The Variables may be defined as the quantity that has no fixed value. The value of the Variables changes and can take various values over time.

Symbol of Variables

Usually the Variables are denoted by the letters x, y, z, l, m, n etc.


Definition of Constant

A Constant is a quantity that has a fixed value. Any number that can be represented in the number line a constant. The value of a constant never changes over time.

Example of Constants

1, 2, 3, -1, -2, -5, 0, 1.5, 6.5 etc.

Difference between Constants and Variables

  • The main difference between constants and variables is that the constants have a fixed value but the variables do not have any fixed values.
  • The face value of a constant remains the same throughout time. However, the value of variables changes over time.
  • The constants are represented in numbers but the variables are represented by letters or symbols.

Solved Examples on Constants and Variables

  • An Algebraic Equation is given by, 2x+4=0. Find the variables and constants.

Solution: In the Algebraic Equation 2x+4=0, x is the variable and 4 is the constant. The number 2 is multiplied with x also a constant and is terms as a coefficient.
The solution of the above algebraic equation is the value of x for which the equation satisfies,
2x + 4 = 0
2x = - 4
x = \frac{{ - 4}}{2}
x = - 2
Therefore,x = - 2 is the solution of the algebraic equation.

  • Find the value of x for the algebraic equation x + 2 = \frac{5}{2}?

Solution: Given, x + 2 = \frac{5}{2}
x = \frac{5}{2} - 2
x = \frac{{5 - 4}}{2}
x = \frac{1}{2}

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