Singleton Set (Definition, Symbol, and Example)

Definition of Singleton Set

A Singleton Set or Unit Set is a set having exactly one element. In other words, a set A is said to be a Singleton Set if the cardinality of the set is 1 i.e., \displaystyle n(A)=1

Singleton set Symbol

Singleton Set Venn diagram

Let a Singleton Set A has only one element that is 2. Then, it can be written as:

A = {2}

Singleton Set Example

  1. \displaystyle A={x:x\in N,x<2}
  2. \displaystyle A={x:x\,\,is\,prime\,number,x<3}
  3. \displaystyle A={x:x\,is\,integer\,,\,-2<x<0}

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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