MCQ on Real Numbers – Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansion and Irrational Numbers – Class 10 Chapter 1 (NCERT)

The Chapter 1 for Class 10 Mathematics is about Real Numbers. This Chapter of Real Numbers has four sections, namely, Euclid’s Division Lemma or AlgorithmThe Fundamental Theorem of ArithmeticIrrational Numbers and the Rational Numbers and their Decimal Expansions. However, in this section we are going to solve some Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) related to the topics Irrational Numbers and The Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansion. This article contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) related to  Irrational Numbers and The Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansion which is part of Chapter 1 of NCERT Mathematics Textbook for Class 10 (Real Numbers).

There will be four options for each question, and one of the four options is correct. An explanation will be provided for each question and will only appear after selecting any option. Class 10 students (NCERT or any other state or central committee) can practice these Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of mathematics.

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