MCQ on Area Related to Circle (Part 1) – Class 10 Mathematics – Chapter 12 (NCERT)

The Chapter 12 of Class 10 Mathematics is about the Area Related to Circle. The chapter discusses about the Area and the Perimeter of a Circle, Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle, Areas of Combination of Plane Figures. This section consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Areas Related to Circles.

This is the part 1 of MCQ on Areas Related to Circles. This Part consists of 20 Multiple Choice Questions each having four options. Out of the four options, only one option is correct. Choose the correct answer for all the questions and then click on the submit button to get the results.

MCQ on Areas Related to Circles (Part 1) -  Class 10 Mathematics - Chapter 12 (NCERT)

The numerical value of the area of a circle is greater than the numerical value of its circumference.

Circular footpath of width 2 m is constructed at the rate of \[Rs. 20\] per square meter around a circular park of radius 1500 m. Then, the total cost of the construction of the footpath is

The circumference of a circle exceeds the diameter by 25.8 cm, then the radius of the circle is

The distance travelled by a circular wheel of diameter \[d\]cm in one revolution is equal to

A circular park is surrounded by a road 21 m wide. If the radius of the park is 105 m, then the area of the road is

If the circumference of two circles are equal, their areas are also equal.

Area of segment of a circle is less than the area of its corresponding sector

The perimeter of a square circumscribing a circle of radius \[a\] cm is equal to

If the area of two circles are equal, their circumferences are also equal.

The radii of two circles are 13 cm and 6 cm, respectively. Then, the radius of the circle which has circumference equal to the sum of the circumferences of the two circle is

How may revolution does a circular wheel of radius \[r\] m makes in covering a distance of \[s\] m

If the perimeter of a circle is equal to that of a square, then the ratio of their areas is

If the perimeter if a protractor is 72 cm, then its area is

The radius of the wheel of a bus is 25 cm. If the speed of the bus is 33 km/h, then how many revolutions will the wheel make in one minute.

If the area of a circle is \[2464 cm^2 \], then the diameter of the circle is

If the area of a semi-circular field is \[30800 cm^2\], then the perimeter of the field is

The cost of fencing a circular field at the rate of \[Rs. 36\] per meter is \[Rs. 11880\]. The field is to be ploughed at the rate of \[Rs. 0.60\] per \[m^2\]. Then the cost of ploughing the field is

The short and long hands of a clock are 6 cm and 8 cm long respectively. Then the sum of the distance travelled by their tips in 1 day is

If the sum of the circumference of two circles with radii \[R_1\] and \[R_2\] is equal to the circumference of a circle of radius \[R\], then

The area of the largest triangle that can be inscribed in a semicircle of radius \[r\] units is

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