Obtuse Isosceles Triangle (Definition, Example, Formula, Height, Perimeter, Area, Properties)

Obtuse Isosceles Triangle Definition The term Obtuse Isosceles Triangle is made up of three words i.e., “Obtuse“, “Isosceles” and “Triangle“. In mathematics, the word “Obtuse” refers to the angles that are greater than and the word “Isosceles” refers to the triangles in which any two sides are of equal length. Therefore, The Obtuse Isosceles Triangle … Read more

Obtuse Angled Triangles (Definition, Example, Formula, Area, Types, Properties)

What does Obtuse Triangle Mean? In mathematics, the meaning of Obtuse is “more than “. The angles which are greater than but less than are called Obtuse Angles. Therefore, Obtuse Angled Triangles or simply Obtuse Triangles may be defined as the triangle in which, one of the Internal Angles is greater than and the summation … Read more