Obtuse Isosceles Triangle (Definition, Example, Formula, Height, Perimeter, Area, Properties)

Obtuse Isosceles Triangle Definition The term Obtuse Isosceles Triangle is made up of three words i.e., “Obtuse“, “Isosceles” and “Triangle“. In mathematics, the word “Obtuse” refers to the angles that are greater than and the word “Isosceles” refers to the triangles in which any two sides are of equal length. Therefore, The Obtuse Isosceles Triangle … Read more

Obtuse Angled Triangles (Definition, Example, Formula, Area, Types, Properties)

What does Obtuse Triangle Mean? In mathematics, the meaning of Obtuse is “more than “. The angles which are greater than but less than are called Obtuse Angles. Therefore, Obtuse Angled Triangles or simply Obtuse Triangles may be defined as the triangle in which, one of the Internal Angles is greater than and the summation … Read more

Acute Angled Triangle (Definition, Area, Perimeter, Formula, Types, Properties)

Definition of Acute Angled Triangles The phrase “Acute Angle” means the angles which are less than . Therefore, the Acute Angled Triangles or Acute Triangles may be defined as the triangles in which the measure of all three Interior Angles are less than . However, the sum of all the three Interior Angles is always … Read more

Right Angled Triangle (Definition, Example, Perimeter, Area, Types)

The triangles in which one angle is a right angle or 90-degree, are called right-angled triangles.

Scalene Triangle (Definition, Area, Perimeter, Types, Properties)

The triangles in which all the three sides are of different lengths is called scalene triangles.

Isosceles Triangle (Definition, Formula, Properties, Types)

Definition of Isosceles Triangle We know that a triangle is a polygon that has three sides. All the three sides of a Triangle may be equal or may not be equal. Based on the length of these three sides of a Triangle, it is divided into three categories and Isosceles Triangle is one of them. … Read more

Equilateral Triangle (Definition, Formula, Perimeter, Area, Height, Properties)

Definition of Equilateral Triangles The triangles in which the length of all the three sides are equal are called equilateral triangles. An equilateral triangle can also be called an Equiangular Triangle as all the interior angles of the triangle are equal or congruent to each other. All the three internal angles of an equilateral triangle … Read more

Altitude of a Triangle

Definition of Altitude of a Triangle The meaning of the word “Altitude” is height. Therefore, the Altitude of a triangle may be defined as the height of the triangle from the Base to the opposite vertex when the triangle is placed vertically. To understand the concept of Altitude of a Triangle, let us consider the … Read more