Trapeziums | Trapezoids (Definition, Types, Properties, Perimeter, Area)

Definition of Trapeziums  The quadrilaterals in which two opposite sides are parallel to each other and the remaining two sides are non-parallel are called Trapeziums or Trapezoids. Trapezium Shape The Trapezium of the Trapezoid is a two-dimensional plane shape having four vertices and four sides. Out of these four sides, two sides are parallel and … Read more

Parallelogram (Definition, Shape, Diagonals, Properties, Types, Perimeter, Area, Theorems)

Parallelogram Definition The parallelograms may be defined as the quadrilaterals having two pairs of parallel sides and the sides which are opposite to each other are of equal length. The opposite angles of a parallelogram are also equal. The sum of all the interior angles of a parallelogram is . Parallelogram Shape The parallelogram is … Read more