Definition of Logarithm The logarithm is the inverse function of exponentiation. The logarithm of a positive real number x with respect to base b is the exponent by which b must be raised to produce x. Symbol of Logarithm The Logarithm of x to base b may be expressed as logb(x) and pronounced as the logarithm of x to base … Read more

Nonlinear Equations

Nonlinear Equations

Definition of Non-linear equations The nonlinear equations are those equations that do not form a straight line when plotted. Rather, nonlinear equations form a curve. In other words, non-linear equations are the equations obtained by equating polynomials of degree 2 or more to zero. General representation of non-linear equations The general representation of nonlinear equations … Read more

Linear Equation in two variables

Linear Equations in two variables

Definition of Linear Equation in Two Variables If there are two variables present in an equation having degree 1, then the equation is said to be a linear equation in two variables. The general representation of linear equations in two variables is: or In the above equations, the variables are x and y, and a, … Read more

Linear equations in one variable

Definition of Linear Equation in one variable The linear equation which has only one variable is the linear equation in one variable. The general form of linear equation with one variable is: ax + b = c The graph of linear equation in one variable is a point in the Cartesian Co-ordinate system. Solution of … Read more

Linear Equations

Definition of Linear Equations The equations which are of first order and first degree are called linear equations. The Linear Equations represents straight lines in the Cartesian Coordinate system. The linear equations with number of terms can be written in the following form: Where, are the variables or unknowns whereas are coefficients. Example of Linear … Read more

Algebraic Equations

Algebraic Equations

What is an Algebraic Equation? The Algebraic Equations are the collection of terms having Constants and Variables separated by using Equality Sign to form Left-Hand Side(L.H.S) and Right-Hand Side(R.H.S) and both the sides of the equality sign are perfectly balanced. The operations between any two terms on either side of the equation may be addition … Read more

Algebraic Identities | Algebraic Formulas

The following are some basic Algebraic Identities or Algebraic Formulas: Algebraic Identity 1 Algebraic Identity 2 Algebraic Identity 3 Algebraic Identity 4 Algebraic Identity 5 Algebraic Identity 6 Algebraic Identity 7 Algebraic Identity 8 Algebraic Identity 9 Algebraic Identity 10 Algebraic Identity 11 Algebraic Identity 12 Algebraic Identity 13 Algebraic Identity 14 Algebraic Identity 15 … Read more

Monomials | Binomials | Trinomials | Polynomials

Monomial Binomial Trinomial

The word “Mono” means one. Therefore, the Monomials can be defined as Algebraic Expressions that have only one term. The Monomials may contain a single constant or variables or a combination of both constants and variables.