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Abdur Rohman

Hi, my name is Abdur Rohman. By profession, I am an Electrical Engineer. I am also a part time TeacherBlogger and Entrepreneur.

The reason for starting this Website or Blog is mainly because I love teaching. Whenever I get time, I teach students/aspirants irrespective of their class or standards. The most beautiful thing I do as my point of view is that I teach students for free.

The objective of creating this Blog/Website is to provide the solutions related to mathematics from Class 5 to 12 as per the NCERT syllabus.

Also, I have another blog named NCERT Solutions that provides explanations and solutions related to other subjects from class 5 to 12.

Recently, I have added Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in each blogs. This blogs contains MCQs related to mathematics only for class 10. For MCQ related to Science, visit NCERT Solutions. In due course, I will add MCQs on class 8 and 9 also.

I have started both of the Blogs very recently. Therefore, the number of topics or contents in both my blogs are very less and I am trying my best to upload at least one posts daily in both of the Blogs. If you want to request for explanation of any topic or solution of any question related to the Mathematics or any other subjects based on NCERT syllabus, feel free to contact me at findformulacoin@gmail.com or fill your details here. I will try to respond as early as possible.

Thank you visiting my blog.

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